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Pro Bono/Community Service Section

Through pro bono activities, KCPA members assist organizations providing legal and other assistance to the community.  KCPA supports organizations such as the Midwest Innocence Project, Bears on Patrol, and Harvesters, among others.

If you are a KCPA member and you are interested in assisting a particular organization, please contact Rachel Scribner ( or Erin Hessenflow (, Co-Chairs of the Pro Bono/Community Service Section, or speak with one of our Board members.  We will be happy to work with you on finding opportunities to volunteer or in organizing a group to assist your chosen organization.

Links to Organizations:

Midwest Innocence Project:


Big Brothers Big Sisters (2018 Fall Social Charity):

Giving the Basics (2018 December Luncheon Charity): 

Halo Hair Foundation (2019 Fall Social Charity):

Hope House (2019 December Luncheon Charity):

Upcoming Pro Bono Section Events and Opportunities

Please stay tuned for upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Other Kansas City Events and Charities 


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